My Thoughts And Views Are Mine Alone


I realized that as I start this journey I should share a few things with all of you that I want you to know as you read my posts.

During my journey back to the Catholic Church the information I researched was mostly based in Christian denominations and not many others.  My thoughts, beliefs and views however, are mine alone and not those of any one person or organization.  While I hope maybe some thoughts I have will eventually be shared by the Catholic Church it does not mean they have them now.

 I have learned that God loves everyone and where there is love there is God.  God created each and everyone of us.  My thoughts are not to judge anyone or anything else.  It is not my place to judge since I am imperfect (even though we all have judge at some point).  I am not trying to get anyone to change religions or am I saying other religions are wrong.  I am simply sharing my own views and realizations with the hope of making people more open minded about the Catholic Church.



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I am a mother of three children who is trying to fulfill all the ‘traditional’ ideas of a stay at home mom. I am a cook, maid, shopper, chauffeur and the laundry lady. I am also their protector, mentor, religious educator and guidance counselor. I have chosen to raise them in a Catholic household.

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