The Movie Kill The Messenger


I just got done watching the movie Kill The Messenger and I was so bothered by it.  This poor man Gray Webb who fought to uncover the truth died.  Shot in the head twice but ruled a suicide.  He left behind a family and was only 49.  He was just trying to tell the people the truth, to be honest.

I am a girl who loves fairytale endings and wishes everyone did the right thing.  I was raised to trust authority and follow the rules.  However, seeing movies like this breaks my heart.  Learning from this movie that my government could have or may have played a part in drug trafficking in America saddens me.  I hope that with this up and coming Presidential election or any election for office that enough of us have prayed for good, honest, caring, and just people to win (I know they are out there) and that the good can overcome the evil.

This movie was about the rise of Crack Cocaine in the 90’s but what about today?  What about the rise of Heroin use?

I have written a previous post on the Heroin epidemic we are currently facing and this movie just brought it up again for me.  Who is supplying the dealers with this drug?  Who is allowing it to continue?  Why are we not coming together as a nation to fight this epidemic?  Can our prayers bring about a change?

The fight against it can start in every household.  All prescription drugs should only be taken by those it is prescribed to and should be kept far out of reach of children.  Maybe doctors need to take a second look at whether or not someone really needs those drugs. It scares the crap out of me.  I have personally known too many affected by drugs to the point that I have already had the conversation about it with my 8 and 9 year old boys. When we pray at night we pray for all those who have issues now with drugs, all those who have passed on and their families left behind.  My kids have seen the tears in my eyes from the sadness drugs have caused.

I hope they hear me.  I hope they are never tempted but if they are I hope they have the courage to just say no.

A friend of mine also approached me with the idea of letters of hope.  What if we all send letters to those who are in rehab or half-way houses who may feel alone and afraid. Letters of encouragement and support, so that they know they are being prayed for.
I just keep the faith and hope that the good will prevail and triumph.  Yet, I do believe we need to come together as a country and take care of our own.  We need to protect our own and support our own.  Other countries may need our help but do we not see how much our own country needs us too.


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