To be Open on Thanksgiving or Not, That is the Question


So I have been seeing a lot of post on Facebook about stores that will be open on Thanksgiving and then posts with stores that will not be open.  There are also posts that ask if you will shop or not.  At first I was one of the advocates against being open.  Now I am not sure how I feel.  Here are my different thoughts on it.


1. Shouldn’t we be spending Thanksgiving with our families giving thanks instead of out shopping?

2. What happen to the good old days of black Friday?  You got to spend Thanksgiving with your family and then if you wanted to go shopping bright and early the next day you could.

3. What about those who do not have any family or those who need to work to support their family?

I started working in the workforce when I was 16.  I worked in the food line at a local nursing home.  They were open every day, just like police, firemen, hospitals and our military.  If you worked on a holiday you got extra pay.  I was down in the dumps one year and wanted to work to earn extra money instead of being at home.  It was just for a few hours so what was the big deal?

4. What if certain employees want to work on those holidays?  If the company wants to be open and they have employees volunteering to be there than why not?

5. What about those people who lost loved ones or are alone during the holidays and it isn’t necessarily a happy time for them.  What if going to work instead of sitting home would make them happy?

6. There are plenty of people out there that live pay check to pay check.  What if getting that extra pay for working during a holiday would mean heat in the winter, food to eat or presents for their children at Christmas?  Shouldn’t those companies that want to have that option for their employees have it?

7. If you don’t want to shop you don’t have to.

Now I don’t agree with the stores that are choosing to be open and forcing certain employees to be there instead of with their families.  I don’t think that is right.
Each of us can choose whether or not we are going to shop on Thanksgiving Day.  So my thought is shouldn’t those who may want to work have that option too if there company is thinking of offering it?

Here are some stores open


Here are some that are closed





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