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Since finding out about Diem Brown’s death last weekend I have been working on a blog entry and I lost all that work last night on my computer.  Today when I realized it I was angry.  I had spent days re-watching her time on MTV and remembering how wonderful she was.  All my thoughts that I had documented were gone.

Yet, now I realize maybe it was a blessing.  That entry was going to be pretty much a timeline of her time on MTV and what made her so special for every show she was on.  If my readers still want that then please let me know and I will do it again.

Instead I just want to write so that her life and death get the recognition she deserves. She was an inspiration not only to me but I am sure so many out there.  She fought until her last breath and her life was ended way too soon.  We may never know why but I know that she got her golden wings and she has no more pain.  All her family and friends have one special angel looking over them now.

For those who met her you truly were blessed.  If she impacted me just from the TV, I can only imagine how special it was to know her personally.

I first saw Diem on MTV’s Fresh Meat challenge back in 2006.  She was the girl that I wanted to hate but couldn’t because of who she was.  Not only was she beautiful with the perfect body but her heart seemed to be just as beautiful.  She was the girl that I would want my daughter to look up to.  She is the role model our society needs.  On that first season was when she was open about her cancer.
After that show is when she came back for the Duel and the romance between her and CT (Chris Tamburello) began.  They had me hooked along with the rest of the world.  She also showed what a true fighter she was.  She choose to take her wig off (she lost her hair from the chemo and it had just started growing back) for the first time on national television.  I kept watching every Challenge show that MTV put on just to see them.

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I am so glad I got the opportunity to watch her on TV.  She also started a webpage called Medgift to help people suffering like she was.  It is so interesting that she did this because I was telling my husband over the summer how I would love to donate money to those who are actually suffering from an illness then to multi-billion dollar companies.  Well she did it!!!  So you can go to her page to show your support today just click on the Medgift above.


May God be there for all those who loved her.  May he help them all through this difficult time and may her legacy live on.  She was a gift given to us that had been taken too soon. May her blessing continue to live on for generations to come.  Suffer no more Diem.

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