A Cornerstone Retreat

cornerstoneWhat is a Cornerstone retreat?
If you attend it very well may end up being a life altering experience for you.  For many it is just that.

A Cornerstone retreat is usually a 26-hour experience for women/men but this year we decided to try a one day retreat.  The retreat can be a spiritual renewal.  It allows each person the opportunity to reflect, renew and strengthen their faith.  It also brings women together in faith, hope and love.  You are able to meet and interact with other women/men, in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.  It also allows for the opportunity to relax, and reflect.


Who is behind the scenes?

Each year a team forms among Cornerstone alumni and they recruit from the previous year’s retreat.   They spend a year working together to build personal relationships, and planning for the next retreat.  Each woman/man shares her/his gifts in a variety of ways such as leading small group discussions, sharing a faith story, planning activities, choosing music, planning meals and selecting decorations for the weekend.  Team members can have specific roles or share job responsibilities.  The team works so hard so those who attend can truly sit back, relax and take in all the weekend has to offer.


This weekend I attended my fifth Cornerstone retreat.  I have attended two as a participant and three times I have been on team.  Each time I feel I get a little something different out of it.  One thing remains the same I feel rejuvenated, closer to God and the other woman who have attended.

st. anne's retreat

I highly recommend this experience (or any other type of retreat) to anyone out there.  It is a wonderful gift to give yourself or someone else.  The unknown can be scary and for many of us our first time was.  Yet, what you will walk away with may just leave you speechless.

I shared a faith story at this year’s retreat and when it came time to finding a prayer to go along with my story I had nothing.  So I decided to write my own.  As a closing to this post I would like to share my prayer with all of you.

God I don’t want to let you down
I want to be the person you created me to be
But life gets in the way
And often times brings me down
I feel I am losing a never-ending battle
Help me
Help me to know you are there
You love me
Even when I may not love myself
You will never turn your back on me
Even when I am pushing you away
Please be the light
When I am surrounded in darkness
Help me to reach out to you
Not only when things are bad
But when it is good too
Thank you for creating me
And loving me unconditionally
by, Sheila S

copyright 2015  Sheila M Scarpulla.  All rights reserved.  No reproduction without written consent.



I am a mother of three children who is trying to fulfill all the ‘traditional’ ideas of a stay at home mom. I am a cook, maid, shopper, chauffeur and the laundry lady. I am also their protector, mentor, religious educator and guidance counselor. I have chosen to raise them in a Catholic household.

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