A few years ago my husband was over in Sicily visiting family and I was home with the kids.  In the middle of the night I heard yelling, screaming and swearing outside my window.  I looked out and saw two cop cars across the street.  I also saw the cops pinning down to the ground what looked like teenage boys.  I was so scared.  I spent all night trying to get in touch with my husband but since he was in Sicily the time was totally off. I didn’t know what happened but thought the worse.  I later found out that the boys were pool hopping and ran from the police.

After that night I started a prayer journal and those boys were the first ones I wrote about.  I decided that anyone who needed my prayers I would write down in a notebook. How cool would it be to do that here?

If you have anyone you would like us to pray for please send me a message and I will get it on here.  I will post all those who need our prayers. If the prayers get answered in one way or another I will update with that info too.

For all who have lost a loved one please help them find peace and comfort.

For all of us affected by this deadly virus.  Please give us strength, hope, comfort and peace to get through this.

Please keep all the homeless and people without heat in your prayers through the winter.

Please keep all those affected by ISIS in your prayers.  Pray that ISIS has a change of heart and put an end to the violence.

Please pray for an end to sex trafficking and for all those children who feel there is no way out.

For all missing children and there families. Help the children find a way out or find there way home.  Let them be reunited.

For all those who protect us on a day to day basis.  Please keep them safe.

Please watch over all those who are autistic.  Be with the families and friends and give them the strength and support they need.  Help find the answers so many are searching for.

Please keep all parents who lose a child in your thoughts and prayers and help them through this unimaginable time.

For the world, that we are able to get through this pandemic.  That we learn and grow during this time.  Please watch over all those who are sick and all those taking care of the sick.

For all our world leaders and people in power positions. Please help them to do good and guide them in all of their decisions.

For all those affected by the Coronavirus that God helps us all get through this.

For those who see people based on outwardly appearances and not for who they are as an individual. That God softens their heart an allows them the ability to look past outward appearances.

Please help all those affected by the coronavirus and help all of us recover from the damage down.

Please help our elected officials to do what is right for all Americans. Let good prevail.